The following testimonials are from Americans all over the United States, who have recently purchased the DVD. They have generiously sent me their comments on their own, through my website e-mail.

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Forgotten Heroes is actually unforgettable" - Actor Michael Moriarty - BIG HOLLYWOOD


"You have helped enhance the lives of our Nation's military and veterans and I appreciate your efforts to honor these heroes" Your support of these selfless warriors reflects the best of the American Spirit and I am grateful for your compassionate work"

-- President George W. Bush - White House Letter July 21, 2008

"It took a lot of guts and courage to make this film. I wish my dad and uncles were alive to see it. They all served in NAM and came back very broken men. Our country just threw salt into their open wounds, but they never complained, only drank themselves to death. Thank you!!!"

- Herb Powell, Jefferson City, MO


"My name is Blair Jones.  I dont know where to start.  I am very grateful that someone has finally decided to get it right.  My late father who did 3 tours of duty in Vietnam was always "pissed off" at all of the Vietnam War movies that came out.  He never was a drinker except the occasional glass of wine.  He did NOT do drugs.  He received 2 purple hearts, 2 bronze stars, and a few other awards. He was a hard working man after he did his 20 years in the Army.  He passed away 3 years ago and is now buried at Arlington cemetery. 

Before he passed he gave his medals to my son who is currently serving in the Air Force and headed to the middle east.  He wont be there for the birth of his first child.  But he understands he has a duty.  My father was very proud of him.  Since his passing my two nephews have also joined the service.  My one nephew is a fireman in the Navy stationed in San Diego.  My other nephew, a graduate from the University of Maryland, has joined the Air Force and is scheduled to go to training in Texas in a few months.  I saw the teaser and I am so sure my Father would have really have loved your film. 

I'm a "struggling" screenwriter so I dont have the funds right now to purchase your film but I want to send you major kuddos for what you have done.  Thank you.  I will try to buy it when I have the money. 

Thank you so much

Ms Blair Jones

Dear Jack,

"I just watched the movie and was very impressed by it. You could almost imagine being there and see the characters interact with each other. They were all great! It took me back to my childhood watching movies such as "The Bridge Over the River Kwai", "Tora, Tora" and the "Green Beret" with my Dad.

The scene that caught my attention so much was the speech by the Russian General, his words touched me. Jack, thank you for a movie that shows the good and the bad that happens in war, where not everyone gets to go home and the effect of losing a buddy or protecting your buddy with your life."

-Trish Proulx
A Canadian Fan!

"I just watched " Forgotten Heroes". Great job sir! You have a lot of production value, production value, production value which impressed me with how much you got up on the screen. I liked how you differentiated the characters with the hats and casting. They did not all look alike. I liked Rosseti, Cowboy, Tony and the others. The General was fantastic. Thalberg states you always need a memorable scene- and I thought it was when the Russian runs out of ammo, and then the guy charges him for the knife fight. In addition, I liked the scene where the Russian general makes the speech about soldiers. The opening was good and set the tone. I thought casting was excellent and you did a good job directing. Keep making films. We need more. I look forward to talking to you more about. "

-- Chuck Pirece -Filmmaker, Actor,Writer

" I found "Forgotten Heroes" to be an accurate account of what I personally went through during my Tours of Duty in the 'Nam. Jack Marino went out of his way to get the facts straight. Good job Jack!:

-Mathew Bruce, SFC, US Army, 101st Airborne, 173rd Airborne Brigade,

Vietnam 66-67 and 68 wounded during Tet...

- Matt' Bruce - The Captain's AMERICA Radio Show" Heard LIVE Weekday's 6-9 AM ET
AM 1220 & FM 106.9 WSRQ Radio, Sarasota, FL., USA 

"My oldest son, SSG George Fliegelman, has served over 3 years in Bosnia and Iraq. He was so moved by your film, "Forgotten Heroes" that he "made" me give him the DVD ~ He wanted to share it with his buddies. So, now I need to order another copy for myself. THAT'S how good it was!

Forgotten Heroes" needs to be seen by every red-blooded American Patriot. It stands in stark contrast to the glitter and gloss of Hollywood whoredom.

Bless you, Mr. Marino. Keep up the great work!"

-Cynthia C. Warner - Minnesota

"Jack MOVIEGUIDE is an accurate review of FORGOTTEN HEROES, all in all a positive assessment. The President of the United States liked the movie. How many filmmakers can claim that? He thanked you for your patriotism and service to the country. I'm amazed how far you've come in gaining acceptance for your efforts. Congratulations on another great review"

-Vic Alexander - Independent Filmmaker

(This was sent to me in the purchase order when she bought the DVD)

"Jack, So glad to finally see something like this being done for our brave guys and gals who served so galantly in a very unpopular war. Our country called on them to do a job and they answered the call, but the shameful way they were treated when it was over and they returned to their country they were treated so disgracefully - something that should never, ever happen to even one of our brave defenders of American Liberty, Peace and Freedom. Now, Finally they will recieve their due, and hopefully will be able to hold their heads high and join in with the rest of the great men and women who have worn the uniform of the American Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Air Force and have put their country and it's citizens ahead of themselves and answered duty's call so we all might remain free. God bless you and all who have worked with you to make this movie a reality. My husband and I are great supporters of our great country and i8t's proud military force - my husband has one son who was wounded in Op. Iraqi Freedom (he also servee in Desert Storm) and a second son who is right now serving with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan and we know the pride that we feel having them in service to our country. We just hope that your movie will help to bind up some of the wounds that were dumped on our brave ones who were there because we the people asked them to go. Again, God bless you and all involved in the making of this much-needed and so long over-due tribute to all of these truly 'forgotten (by some) American Heroes. "

-Michelle Cleaves - Dallas, Oregon

"Thanking the Vietnam War Veterans was the primary motive behind the creation of the film. After realizing that Hollywood’s films about Vietnam Vets were designed to portray these warriors in a bad light, Jack Marino set out to create a film that thanked the Vietnam troops, and welcome them home. From that desire, he directed, and produced Forgotten Heroes.. The work is surprisingly professional, shot in a manner that captures the Vietnam War, and portrays our Vietnam Vets as they really were, heroes that never lost touch with their humanity.

- Douglas V. Gibbs, Political Pistachio is broadcast on the Heading Right Radio Network
- Co-Founder and featured contributor to American Daily Revie

As a Vietnam Veteran it is refreshing to finally see a movie that accurately depicts from the perspective of those who served, what really happened. The trials and tribulations, the men, and the situations that we were forced to deal with and endure....

- Bill English - Host of "Plain English" Blog Talk Radio Show

"Apocalypse Now has the big movie stars. Platoon has the budget. Full Metal Jacket has Kubrick. But Forgotten Heroes has the truth. And when history does what history always does best and shakes itself loose of the blistering lies told of and about America's involvement in Vietnam, it will be Jack Marino's Forgotten Heroes that's first acquitted."

-John Nolte - Editor in Chief -BIG HOLLYWOOD

"Jack, this is a resourceful and moving film. I can't tell you how much I admire the effort and the result. You're a brave man. I still watch Apocalypse Now once a year and eat sweet shrimp and other assorted sushi.

FORGOTTEN HEROES... I have MREs and a beer!"

- Duke Sandefur - Writer & Executive Story Editor - Walker Texas Rangers, Soldiers of Fortune, Inc

My Son and I are huge war movie fans and "FORGOTTEN HEROES" did not disapoint ! This is what I grew up watching and you will want to see it too !

- Bill Post - The BILL POST SHOW on 1430 AM KYKN - Salem OR

"Jack what an amazing job you did with "Forgotten Heroes"!! I really enjoyed watching your film last night! It was so well directed by you and the acting was fantastic, and of course the story line was so wonderful! We must never forget all the amazing and courageous soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for this great Country of ours, The USA!!! And it's always fun to watch the great William Smith!! One of the greatest actors ever! You were great in the film Jack!! You should have given yourself a bigger part before you had yourself taken out!! GREAT, GREAT FILM!! GOD BLESS!!

The Zucche!!"

Hello Jack!
The DVD arrived and I watched it over the weekend. Great movie, to be sure! The story drew me in very quickly, and it was easy to feel a connection to each and every one of them. And you look pretty good on the screen, too!!!!! The ending was very touching, and rewarding...seeing the two comrades and old friends reunited again, and sharing their memories. I'm anxious for my friend Kevin to see the movie, he is a Vietnam veteran.

Thank you so much for signing it for me, it is a cherished keepsake!

-Bob Peckinpaugh - Lima Ohio

"Forgotten Heroes the movie is a great movie and I am so proud to be able to have seen it four times so far.  Thank you so much Jack for loving our country so much as you do and for producing this great movie in honor of our awesome Vietnam Veterans!  They are HEROES to be welcomed home with great honors and thanks for what they have done for our country!  We are proud of them and you made this movie in honor of them and I want to thank you so much.  My prayer is that you will be able to do more patriotic movies that we can enjoy.  Thank you so much for being a part of this great country.  You shine!  Hollywood needs to open their eyes! " 

- Wanda Fay Gladwill  - Blog Talk Radio Host

"Thanks, Jack, for what you do for Vietnam Veterans everywhere. I'm Bluewater Navy Vietnam Veteran, having served4 years on the USS Decatur DDG31 off the coast of Vietnam and mine sweeping duties in Haiphong Harbor. "

-James Rigsby US Navy - Vietnam Veteran

"Thank you for making this movie. Our veterans have been maligned and the likes of Jane Fonda rewarded for long enough. You're also doing a good thing for current war vets, maybe they won't have to go through what the Vietnam-era vets had to deal with."

-Dina Williams - Methuen, MA USA

Hello Jack, FORGOTTEN HEROES is a fantastic film that I am so glad you have made. It's message is one that needs to be told and heard by this country, a message that has been drowned out by the warped and distorted messages of "Platoon", "Casualties of War", etc. As you wish, I will write more at your warriorfilmmakers email address. This is a great film!

Benjamin Sley, Major, U.S. Marine Corps, Judge Advocate,

1st Marine Brigade; Yrs of Service: 1970-71 (PLC); 1975-1979.

"Refreshing, timeless, and heartfelt.  Finally, a Vietnam film with a positive view of our troops.  FORGOTTEN HEROES is a dramatic and quite moving patriotic war adventure.  Every war veteran should see this film."

-Jeff McKay - Edge Media , Los Anegles CA

“I am a child of the sixties, but not the hippie type. I grew up in sixties and early seventies, but my family did not protest the war-we were in the war.  We were the family whose Dad went to Viet Nam, but came back. We were the family who supported families who’s Dads were shot down over a mysterious, far away land, remains to be found decades later.  We were the family confused by the scorn our heroes received when returning from deadly duty.  

FORGOTTEN HEROES is the first drama I have seen that portrays Viet Nam era military with truth, tremendous accuracy of military action and guys you grow to love for all of their human imperfections-guys from Hells’ Kitchen, Oklahoma, the LA barrio; guys who come together in tremendous acts of heroism in the most difficult of times. It is a crime this movie has not been distributed to theaters.  This movie humanizes, celebrates and honors the FORGOTTEN HEROES that some would demonize. This is a “Band of Brothers” story that has never been told. Bless you for doing it.”


- Vann Schaffner - Spokane, WA, USA

"Jack, I just received your movie Forgotten Heroes today and set down with the family and watched it. The kids enjoyed it along with myself, we had to keep stopping it because one of the kids had to go and do something and didn't want to miss any of the film. You did a great job on this film and every one should pick up a copy and see our Vietnam soldiers in action and what they went through. Good going Jack, keep the movies coming."

- Larry Hobson - Palmdale CA - Facebook

Good work Jack.  Our Vietnam Veterans truly are Forgotten Heroes so thank you for making this film.  It is films like yours that will bring these Heroes the long deserved honor and recognition they so deserve and never got.  God Bless You and Watch Over You and I wish you much success with your movie. 

- Beverly Perlson - The Band of Mothers  

"Forgotten Heroes not only portrays our Vietnam veterans as heroes, it is in itself a valuable piece of American history, standing alone as the only movie about Vietnam war that gets the truth across of why our mission there was a noble one.  This truthful and unforgettable film makes all other Vietnam War films look twisted, cynical and deceptive."

- Susanna Lohse, Author, Screenwriter, Houston, TX

"Forgotten Heroes is an inspiring work of cinematic art set in a world of tremendous challenge, sacrifice and suffering that portrays our Vietnam Veterans as they should be — spirited, brave and honorable.  This is a must-see film that poignantly sets the record straight and in the process honors our Veterans for what they truly are — heroes. God Bless our Veterans, who sacrificed so much for America and our ideals, and God Bless Jack Marino, who had the courage and conviction to honor them with his film, Forgotten Heroes."


- Barbara Sharp, Producer, Burbank, California

"Though I am on the other end of the political spectrum as Jack, I can't help but greatly admire this man--and-- this artist. He has truly suffered for his beliefs and his art yet never once faltered in his loving pursuit of his craft--and his story. Forgotten Heroes is not only a loving tribute to our greatly mistreated Viatnam Vets, but also a tribute to the art of film itself! Jack is himself a Forgotten Hero, who made this film at great personal cost, despitel the odds, despite the years of toil, despite the lack of any support from the powers that be in Hollywood, he still stands tall--as does his film. I am honored to have witnessed--and learned from this man. Never give up on truth!"

-Frank Tabbita - Actor/Filmmaker - Bellingham, WA

"I just purchased the DVD and Forgotten Heroes is unlike any other war movie I have seen. It brings a unique perspective to the Vietnam War and I highly recommend it. It combines great acting with a much different story than we are used to seeing. It is well worth the time and money."

-Dennis Leonard. - Peabody, MA

"Hi Jack, I just got thru watching your DVD on Forgotten Heroes! I wanted to thank you for the DVD Autograph signing. "Forgotten Hereos" portrays an extraordinary story and journey of U.S. Marines in combat while fighting the war in Vietnam. The film depicts excellent scenes of sacrifice, fear, and bravery of men and women in the U.S.Armed Forces serving in the war of Vietnam. An excellent movie a must see! Great job Jack! God Bless!"

-Master Sergeant Regulo Zapata Jr., U.S. Army Special Forces 74 - 03 (Retired)

"Mr. Marino, I just finished watching your movie and I must say it was awesome! An excellent film! A Vietnam War film should not have to be contoversial to be a good one. Your film is proof of that. I applaud all you have done for our vets and continue to do. My hats off to you , Sir. P.S. - How can I purchase a mini statue like the one used in your film? Thanks again,"

-Thomas A. Blanks - Lynch Station, Virginia

"Finally, a Vietnam era film that portrays the American soldier, not as "baby killers", but as the brave, unselfish, heroes that they truly are. Jack Marino refused to bow to Hollywood pressure and adhere to the "Vietnam Template" when making his film, "Forgotten Heroes". Thank God he had the courage to do so. It's very refreshing to find someone from Hollywood with a belief system and set of principles that reflect those of the vast majority of Americans who love their country and the men who defend it."

- Premo Mondone, Jr.- IT Consultant and host of the "Red State Town Hall"
Internet Radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com.

"Straight forward. Compelling characters that you care about, not just because they are soldiers, but each one has their own personality, their own needs that goes beyond the war and you get a glimpse into their make-up.  I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has even been a solider or has known a solider.  Even if you don’t typically like war movies, I think people will find something in this film that they can relate to. The fact that some of the money is also donated to charity makes it a plus.  Please help this great cause."

- Cheryl Whitman Dubuque - Angel Hawk Productions, Burbank CA

"Hi Jack, I received my copy yesterday and watched the film last night, LOVED the movie; excellent job!!! I am telling all of my family and friends about it!"

- Daria DiGiovanni - Writer - Boca Raton, Florida -FaceBook

"Jack your film "The Forgotten Heros" was great, bravo and your right it wasn't the typical Vietnam druggie inspired, low life looser Vet film. It was true to the core, well seemed to be, I wasn't there so I wouldn't know but it felt very real!! thank you Jack for all your great support to all our Veterans  GREAT FILM BRAVO - JACK!"

                                                   - -Kimberly Ricci, Boston MA -Facebook

"I was impressed with the quality and the content of "Forgotten Heroes". I found it entertaining and the actors made me fall in love with the characters. Bravo to all involved. God bless our troops and their families, past and present and future"

                                                                                - Jan Gregory, Staten Island, NY -Facebook

"Hi Jack, I have now watched your film twice! It is excellent. It brought me back in time so I know it would most definately do the same for others. The characters were unique and engaging. Thank you for doing this honorable film for our Vietnam Veterans. We will never forget them. Thank you also for the personal note that you sent with my CD! God Bless You!"

-Sandra4017 - MySpace

"Jack Marino your movie was awesome! Thanks for sticking with it and never giving up. You are a blessing to many. May God bless you!"

- Steve Kloyda, Texas - Tweeter

"I wanted to let you know that I did watch Forgotten Heroes and I got to tell you, you did an awesome job. I LOVED the film. It's such a great, touching tribute to all Veterans. One that deserves to be told... I'm glad you stuck it out and I hope you can take off and run with it now.  Best of Luck. "

- Southie Spice Boston, MA - My Space

"Hey Jack, Picked up your DVD. Saw it this past weekend. Impressive, man. Very well done."

-John Foire - Boston Writer/Actor - My Space

"Jack you're movie is beyond great! Forgotten Heroes  reminds us that we just cannot forget the bravery and literal self sacrifice that our American armed services made then.  It is at our peril if we do.  Thanks, Jack, for remembering and acting to ensure that our heroes then and now are forgotten no more. "

- Texacalirose, CA - Big Hollywood - Facebook

"Jack, you have done a great thing with this picture. So many Hollywood films just slag our boys who went off to fight in Vietman. You do for them for what they deserve..you honor them. This movie is a fine work of art."

- Donald Sarian, Los Angeles, CA - Musican/Graphic Artist - MY SPACE


-Cesar Rivear - Paterson, NJ, USA - Vietnaam Veteran 1968

"Dammit, Jack.... YOU MAGNIFICANT BASTARD!! YOU are the forgotten hero! I'm heartend by your film. You attack the stone walls of the pigheaded resistence with a burning piano leg in one hand, your banner in the other...and a straight razor in your teeth! By God, man...let me go up the wall beside you...or bleed in the mud, brothers of the same sticky crimson puddle! YOU are "still here" as Steve McQueen cries out in the ending of Papillion. WE are still here. When the liver is gone, the man goes on. When the man is gone, his works remain. To the high seas and GLORY!"

- Duke Sandefur - Writer & Executive Story Editor - Walker Texas Rangers, Soldiers of Fortune, Inc

"Marino's Forgotten Heroes finally gives the Vietnam Vets and, by proxy, even US soldiers fighting today, their just due and respect"

-Eric "Mr.EPluribus" Porvaznik, Los Angeles, CA - ModernConservative.com

"In an age when heroism and patriotism have been consumed by guilt and shame, "Forgotten Heroes" offers a welcome and inspirational antidote. A heartfelt tribute to the young men who lived, served, fought and died in the jungles of Vietnam, "Forgotten Heroes" is a throwback to the great films of the World War II era, when traits like courage, camaraderie and conviction were revered and rewarded - no matter who won. As most Vietnam films continue to focus on the ideological and moral implications of the war, "Forgotten Heroes" dares to turn its sights on the brave young men who lived it. Producer/director Jack Marino has created a tale of courage, conviction and camaraderie reminiscent of the great films of the World War II era. "

- Wade Major - Associate Editor - Entertainment Today

"Action, explosions, men at war and sometimes at war with themselves. And the great William Smith! Enjoy."  

- Mark Butterworth, NY - Spero News

"Hi, Jack. I really enjoyed your movie. Good job. I know how hard it is to finish a project that big. I've just completed my own first featur"

-Rider McDowell, CA - Writer-Filmmaker

"I drove 600 hundred miles last time to see "Forgotten Heroes." This time I hope I'll be in town doing pre-production on your next feature project, so I can see "Forgotten Heroes" in a theater. The movie belongs on the big screen. I'm looking forward to it. "

Vic Alexander - Filmmaker - Turlock, CA

"Jack, heartiest congratulations on the release film and website! The Marino Film Group and the Brotherhood of Warriorfilmmakers deserves the best, and that's what this is - professionally mounted, and VERY VERY impressive! I especially enjoyed reading over your "declaration of principles." "Forgotten Heroes," of course, is a masterpiece - a film that deserves to be seen again and again. I know it will serve as the herald of all the other wonderful films to come, both from you and from your associates in the coming years. May your site grow and prosper as millions log on to it . Take care Sport!, and the best of everything to you and your group! "

- Prof. Lincoln D. Hurst, Ph.D - Film Historian - USC Davis

Hey Jack, I've watched your flick! The last half was one hectic action packed brewhah! I was impressed with the sets & scope during opening. And dialog was interesting. Very sad... 'in memory' sense... of story, of acting. Good job man.

-Hollywoodron - Big Hollywood Blogger

"Jack, seeing your film at the Quintus Montreal Italian Film Festival, only inspired me to be a true and honest film maker no matter what the obstacles. The fact that you put together such a terrific piece of work with what you had to do it with is totally remarkable. I tip my hat to you sir! BRAVO!"

- Johnny Roastbeef Williams, - Actor - Goodfellas, Mama & Son, Mafiso II

"I would highly recommend it to other Nam Vets for sure! Thanks Jack for showing us in a different light than we normally are. One thing you can surely do is to say that the first Nam Vet to watch it will guarantee that all that I have read about FORGOTTEN HEROES is true and highly recommended by me Mike Rozar, Combat Vietnam Veteran, 1970/1971 Americal Division. I think you did an awesome job on the movie Jack! Thanks again for sticking by your guns and putting this out for the Vietnam Vets! - 2/10/08"

- Mike Rozar, Combat Vietnam Veteran, 1970/1971 Americal Division

"Jack, I'm proud of you and your unyielding perseverence to succeed against all odds. To quote JFK, "One man can make a difference and every man must try!" All the best! "

-Mark Strahan - Everett Mass

"Jack, great web site, love the new DVD! Continue to fight the good fight, and may the ghost of Dylan Thomas keep reminding you to "rage, rage against the dying of the light."

- John "Ozzie" Osbourne - US Postal Inspector - Saratoga Springs, NY

"I personally reviewed this film at the Boston Film Festival. Jack did a very commendable job of bringing this very important issue to the surface. I highly recommend this film and applaud him for undertaking such a worthy endeavor."

- Michael Merrett, Everett News Reporter / www.thefog.com

"Great film and love the new website Jack! Remember the words of Calvin Coolidge: 'Press on: nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

- Dan Delaney - Saugus, MA

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